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Glass Balustrades

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Glass Balustrades

Our beautiful Beeley Glass Balustrades for decking and gardens will be a wonderful addition to your outside space. It gives a very modern look at an affordable price and enables you to create sections within your space without blocking the view!

We understand that safety is paramount which is why our glass is toughened, 10mm thick, has dubbed rounded corners and fully polished edges.

You can install the Beeley Glass using our Stainless Steel Posts or our Composite Posts depending on your personal preference and vision for your balustrade.

Choose our Beeley 304 Grade Stainless Steel Posts for excellent corrosion resistance and a modern look. Alternatively, choose our Composite Posts to match or contrast against your gorgeous Composite Decking.

We’re here to make your life easy so by installing your glass using our Stainless Steel Glass Clamps the job will be a breeze.

So what are you waiting for? Create your perfect balustrade today using a combination of our 3 different Stainless Steel Posts: End Post, Mid Post and Corner Post, or by using our Composite Posts.


Please ensure that in any domestic setting you install a balustrade anywhere there is a difference in floor levels greater than 600mm. For any setting other than a dwelling there is a balustrade requirement for any difference in floor levels greater than 380mm.

For external balustrades the minimum height requirement is 1100mm.

  • Using our Stainless Steel Posts you’ll have a balustrade height of 1100mm automatically as the Glass Clamps create a gap of 100mm between the glass panel and the floor raising the 1000mm glass to the correct height.
  • A 1100mm balustrade height can also be created using our Composite Posts via manually drilling the holes at the required level for the Flat Back Clamps.

It is ultimately your responsibility to check if you require planning permission for your balustrade. You must also ensure that all building regulations are adhered to when installing our products.

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