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How are SIPs Panels Made?

Structural Insulated Panels are a common method of construction in the USA, for a wide range of building applications, most of the homes in the US are built using these panels these days. In the UK their use is becoming more common in the building trade however they have been used for the construction of garden buildings and sheds for many years.

What Are SIPs Panels?

SIPs panels or Structural Insulated Panels are a construction panel usually made up of two outer layers of oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood with an insulating foam core in between. The edges of the panels are tongue and groove, so they fit together snugly, and are then fastened together with screws or nails.

The History Of SIPs Panels

SIPs panels were first developed in the 1930s by an American company called Owens Corning, who are more commonly associated with insulation materials. The panels were initially used as a means of insulating refrigerated trucks and warehouses but it wasn’t until the 1970s that their use began to spread to the construction industry.

How Are SIPs Panels Made?

The outer layers of the panel are made from oriented strand board, which is a type of engineered wood made by compressing wood chips together with a resin adhesive. The chips are arranged in such a way that the resulting panel is very strong and resistant to warping or swelling.

The foam core of the panel is usually made from polystyrene, although other materials such as polyurethane can also be used. The foam is injected into the panel under high pressure, which bonds it securely to the outer layers.

The panels are then cut to size and the tongue and groove edges are cut on each one. These panels can then be transported to the construction site and assembled using screws or nails.

The Advantages Of SIPs Panels

There are several advantages to using SIPs panels for construction, the most obvious of which is the speed at which they can be assembled. Because the panels are factory-made, they can be delivered to the construction site and put together quickly and easily.

Another advantage of SIPs panels is that they are very strong and stable. The foam core provides good insulation against both heat and sound, and the panels are also resistant to fire and pests.

How SIPS Panels Are Used in The UK

In the UK, SIPs panels are most commonly used for garden buildings such as sheds and summerhouses. However, their use is gradually spreading to other areas of construction, such as extensions and new-build homes.

How Dalton And Sons Use SIPs Panels.

Here at Dalton And Sons we have a range of insulated garden buildings which are perfect for a multitude of different applications. Our garden buildings are designed using SIPs panels for their construction, this is one thing that sets us apart from our competitors as not all of them are utilising the inherent properties of SIPs panels in their buildings.

The main advantages are the structural rigidity of the panels, our buildings are solid and extremely sturdy. Another key advantage is the thermal properties of the boards, they are fully insulated, this means that they stay nice and warm in the winter months, and during the summer they efficiently manage the heat within the building, staying cooler in the summertime.

If you have ever set in a traditional wooden shed in the hot sunshine you know how hot they can be, this is obviously too warm to sit in for longer periods of time. With our buildings, the temperatures are regulated partly by the SIP panels so you wouldn’t have this problem.

Our Range Of Garden Buildings

The garden buildings we supply come in a variety of premade / self-assembly kits. These kits are designed in multiple dimensions, all of which are offered at a great price. Our kits are designed to meet with the UK’s building regulations with regards to the 2.5m height restrictions of the buildings. There is no need to apply for planning permission with our buildings as they have been developed specifically to negate this issue.

Our ranges include:

Hilton Garden Rooms – The Hilton garden rooms range comes with SIPs walls, flooring, and roof as well as double glazed doors and windows, western red cedar cladding or CanExel cladding in a choice of grey or brown. There is also a Rubber flat roof / EPDM roof, and all of the fixings included in the kits.

Radbourne Garden Rooms – These are a self assembly kit with SIPs panels which are 97mm thick for walls and flooring, the roof is 122mm thick. Cladding isn’t included in this kit so you would need to choose your preferred cladding from our composite cladding ranges.

SIPs Shells – These are intended to be used to fully customise the look of your garden room, they are a SIPs shell, roofing materials and wall cladding would be required in addition to these base structures.
Doors And Windows – Doors and windows are included in our Hilton Range, however for the Radbourne range and SIPs shells, they are offered separately.
All of our garden buildings and SIPs kits are manufactured here in the UK.
If you are looking for a new garden room then Dalton And Sons have different ranges available, browse our SIPs building kits online, buy via our shopping basket or contact a member of our team if you require further information.
Dalton And Sons - Garden Rooms
Radbourne Haven Plus
Radbourne Haven Plus Garden Room
£3,900.00£5,550.00 Inc. VAT
Garden Room - Hilton Tranquility
Hilton Tranquillity Garden Room
£13,250.00£18,300.00 Inc. VAT

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