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Beeley Glass Balustrade Mid Post

£99.00 Inc. VAT

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Beeley Glass Balustrade Mid Post

£99.00 Inc. VAT

304 Grade Stainless Steel

Includes: 4 stainless steel curved back clamps with pre-drilled holes

Size: 1100mm height x 42mm diameter (Base plate is 85mm in diameter)

Full specification available below.

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Product Specification

About Beeley Glass Balustrade Mid Post

What are they made from?
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel making them safe, strong and very suitable for outside environments.


What does this come with?
  • Post with pre-drilled holes for two clamps on each side.
  • Top cap
  • Base plate with cover plate
  • Four curved back glass clamps


Where do I use this Mid Post?


Do I need to order glass clamps as well as the Stainless Steel Posts?
  • No, all required glass clamps come with the posts.


Calculating your post requirements using Beeley Stainless Steel Posts:

Start with your End Post being 85mm wide and then add 85mm between each glass panel for the posts to sit and add another 85mm for your final End Post, this should allow you to calculate the size of the glass panels you require and the number of posts you need.

E.G. For a space of 2140mm you would need two 600mm glass panels, two end posts and two mid posts. This would equate to: 85mm End Post + 600mm Glass Panel + 85mm Mid Post + 600mm Glass Panel + 85mm Mid Post + 600mm Glass Panel + 85mm End Post.

The 85mm Mid Post measurement includes the 42mm post diameter and space for the clamp on both sides being 21.5mm each. Therefore the gap between the posts and the glass is always 21.5mm. The curved back clamps are 61.5mm in length and the glass sits 40mm inside the clamp creating the 21.5mm gap.

The 85mm End Post measurement is due to the base plate being this size, the post diameter is still 42mm.

Please contact us for assistance in calculating your glass and post requirements if intending to secure any of your glass to a wall/flat surface using the flat back clamps as the dimensions are different.


Dimensions for our Beeley Glass Balustrade Mid Post:
  • 1100mm height x 42mm diameter (Base plate is 85mm in diameter).


The benefits of glass balustrades from our Beeley Range:
  • Safety is paramount which is why our glass is toughened and 10mm thick.
  • Our glass has fully polished edges and dubbed rounded corners.
  • Gives a very modern look to your new deck or outside space.
  • Enables you to create sections within your garden without blocking the view.
  • Ability to install using our Stainless Steel Posts or our Composite Posts depending on your personal preference.
  • Easy installation using our Stainless Steel Glass Clamps.
  • The Stainless Steel Posts are made from 304 grade stainless steel making them safe, strong and durable.
  • Once fitted using our Stainless Steel Posts the balustrade height is 1100mm to meet balustrade building regulations. This leaves a gap of 100mm between the glass panel and the floor. A 1100mm balustrade height can also be created using our Composite Posts via manually drilling the holes at the required level for the clamps.
  • Create your perfect balustrade using a combination of our 3 different steel posts: End Post, Mid Post and Corner Post, or using our Composite Posts.


Glass Balustrade Post Options:


Stainless Steel Glass Clamp Options:
  • Flat Back Clamp (Required if securing to a flat surface e.g. a wall or a composite post).
  • Curved Back Clamp (These come with our stainless steel posts so no requirement to order individually).


Complementary Products:


Other Considerations:

It is your responsibility to check on your local planning portal when designing your balustrade to see if planning permission is required and you must ensure that all building regulations are adhered to when installing this product.

Our 304 grade stainless steel posts and glass clamps will not be suitable if you live within 10 miles of the sea (sea spray zone) and therefore the warranty does not cover damage as a result of sea spray. In this scenario, you will require 316 grade stainless steel as this steel is more resistant to salt. Please contact us for details and prices on the 316 grade steel posts and clamps as we do not have these on the website.

Please install this product by following the installation instructions provided in order to maintain your warranty. The warranty only covers replacement parts following an inspection to confirm any reported defect.

While every effort is made to present the products on our website, discrepancies can occur especially when considering the difference between resolutions and devices so please bear this in mind when ordering.


Trading Terms and Conditions:

We do not offer refunds or exchanges once your order has been placed, especially for products that have been cut down and made to measure items.

The exception to this rule would be if we established that a product had developed a manufacturer’s fault as this would fall under the warranty cover.

For further information please refer to our terms and conditions.




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