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Why are UK homeowners choosing to install a new Garden Room?

Why are UK homeowners choosing to install a new Garden Room?

With more and more people spending time at home following the coronavirus pandemic many homeowners are seeing the benefits of creating a new room in their garden whether they work from home or are simply looking to create an additional living space within their property, garden rooms are a great option and relatively cost-effective compared to a more traditional home extension.

There are several reasons why a garden room can be more cost-effective than a standard home extension.

They are cheaper than traditional building extensions

Cheaper than a traditional extension, garden rooms can be constructed quickly and without the need for planning permission as they are often built using prefabricated panels which means less time on site and therefore lower labour costs.

Installation is less intrusive

When builders are called in to build an extension there is a huge amount of disruption to your property, garden, and daily routine but with a garden room, the installation is much less intrusive as there is no need to knock down any walls or extend the foundations of your property.

Add value to your property

Garden rooms are also a great way to add value to your property, should you ever want to sell, as they provide potential buyers with an additional room that can be used for several different purposes.

Garden Rooms

Dalton and Sons supply a wide range of Garden Room Kits.

Many different uses for your new Garden Room.

There are many different uses for garden buildings/rooms, some people use them as home offices, others use them as studios or art rooms, children’s playrooms, music rooms, home gyms, and even garden bars!

Garden offices have become increasingly popular over the last 2 years, since people began working from home due to changes in their work habits, many employers are actively encouraging home or hybrid working.

A garden office is a great way to create a dedicated workspace away from the distractions of daily family life and with the right planning, they can be built without the need for planning permission. All of our garden rooms are specifically designed with the UK’s height restrictions in mind.

Create a garden room for year-round use

Unlike a lot of our competitors’ products, our garden room kits utilise SIPs panels or structural insulated panels. These are fully insulated and when used in conjunction with our insulated floor and ceiling systems provide our customers with a garden room that can be used all year round, not just in the summertime.

Our insulated construction provides effective and efficient heat retention in the colder months and helps regulate the temperature during the warmer months, the result is lower energy usage due to not having to heat or cool the building down. With the current cost of living crisis, especially the huge price hikes from the energy companies, this is certainly one benefit to take note of.

Our Product Range

Dalton and Sons have a huge range of prefabricated garden room kits, all of which are made from high-quality materials, all models utilise SIPs panels, and our team of experts is on hand to give you the best advice possible.

We offer a variety of different models, all of which are designed to meet the needs of our customer base, whether you need a small garden office or a large summer house we will have something that meets your requirements.

Artificial Grass

Bespoke Design Service

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary we also provide a bespoke garden room service, based on our high-quality SIPs panels, composite cladding, composite doors, and windows. We can also supply and install composite decking boards and balustrades. We can even supply a range of artificial grass if you would like to replace your lawn.

If you are looking to totally transform your garden, Dalton and Sons can certainly help!


If you are considering an extension to your home but are worried about the cost, a garden room could be the perfect solution, providing you with an additional living space without breaking the bank.

If you would like any further information on our garden room kits or how we can help you create your dream garden room please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be more than happy to help.

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